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Author Question about the Silverfall Editor

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Location: Canada
Joined: 07.06.10
Posted on 07-02-2011 17:58

We all know Silverfall which was patched up to 1.17 (or at least that is the version you get from digital distribution) and I guess that all of you also know about the Silverfall Editor Version 1.17. An interesting tool that I confess I would have liked to tryr30; But I was unable to.

Ok, I know the workaround for its installation and all, no worries but the problem comes from the fact that the darn thing is incompatible with Earth Awakening.

At first, I installed Silverfall, then the editor, then Earth Awakeningr30; And all hell broke loose. Earth awakening became unplayable, the editor constantly crashedr30; So I figured that the expansion has not been made compatible with the editor and the opposite too.

So I used good old Google to try and find a solution, some fix or anythingr30; I had no luck with that. So I figured that if Ardea had made an unofficial patch that fixed a dialogue issue that the original developers did not noticedr30;

Maybe, just maybe he or some of you skilled in programming had a solution for me. Or if there was an Earth Awakening edition of the Silverfall Editor (Believe me, it will make the lizardman unplayable if you try to have both the editor and earth awakening installed and you wonr17;t even be able to leave Silverfall in EA). If the issue at end is the new models and everything, maybe it had been beta tested and tone of you was a beta tester on that EA editor and had some demo around or something. One can hope, as they say!

Thanks for your answers and your time,


P.S.: on a completely unrelated matter, is Ardea making the walktrough for the PSP version of Silverfall? Maybe I missed a post or something about it...

"What is stupidity, ladies and gentlemen, if not the lack of Intelligence?"
Author RE: Question about the Silverfall Editor
Super Administrator

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Location: Hungary, Budapest
Joined: 09.10.09
Posted on 08-02-2011 09:28
Thank you for thinking of me too much, but I am not a skilled programmer at all. This mistake was because of a mistyped number, which I found out during the translation in Hungarian language. smiley So please forgive me if I disappoint you... I suggest that you try to get a "basic" version of the game - that is without that wrong patch. And Earth Awakening will work almost perfectly.

And for the PSP version: I don't have PS so if there are any differencies between the PC version's walkthrough and the PS, I won't be able to describe... Unless if someone has enough time to make a walkthrough for that in English and I'll upload it. That much I can promise... smiley
Author RE: Question about the Silverfall Editor

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Posts: 5
Location: Canada
Joined: 07.06.10
Posted on 08-02-2011 14:27
Really? Well that does not disappoint me because I still find that impressive: I for one would have never noticed such a thing.

In anyways, my point was that the editor, no matter what version you have, is not compatible with Earth Awakening. It is a Silverfall only tool.

I was wondering if any of you know if there is a specific version of the said editor for the earth awakening expansion. I am asking because in the gallery section, you can read the following:

Silverfall Earth Awakening - official map editor

So I suppose that the tool IS available, unless it was just a title with no link with an actual software.

As for the PSP versionr30; Lets say that if in essence it keeps part of the original story, quest and all, it is very different from the PC version. No companions, to start with and if I recall properly, no repeatable quest either. The maps are different too...

Food for thought: maybe we should get a PSP and Silverfall PSP version for Ardea birthday...

"What is stupidity, ladies and gentlemen, if not the lack of Intelligence?"

Edited by elonoic on 08-02-2011 14:29
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