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Shoutbox Archive
X-Elf on 07 25 2011
Well, i just managed to change the Lost Soul summoning to a boss it summones the mechanical boss from SilverfallEA expansion, the first EA boss.
X-Elf on 07 23 2011
There was a bomb and a shooting, 97 people dead, 7 from the bomb and 90 from the shooting. Some crazy idiot. I am like you, very sad and outraged at the same time. smiley
Ardea on 07 23 2011
Oh, so you're from Norway? I've heard about that bomb... Two of them. It was very sad and terrible - and outraging at the same time... smiley
X-Elf on 07 22 2011
I have gotten a bit distracted by a bomb going of in the capital of my contry, if it wasn't for the holydays i could have been there. Anyway the mod does adjust the levels of the bosses to the level of the character +/-3 or so levels. I thinking that characters of level 50 and up could have fun with the mod. And i am learning a lot about programming things in the game. The mod should be finished soon.
Ardea on 07 22 2011
You have quite something with that! smiley And how the character will be able to defeat them with level 1??? smiley
X-Elf on 07 21 2011
I have a "mod" in progress that spawns all the games bosses on the first map(The Refugee camp map.). It is the fist time in the game that i have seen so many items on the ground. lol. the bosses drop a lot of items. Some bugs are pressent, like the Corrup elf prince not dismounting and he and the eagle staying on the map, and a fraction "bug" that makes the bosses fight each other, they never do any real damage to each other. Most bosses beeing spawned. No crashes so far. smiley
Ardea on 05 22 2011
I think, I tried once, but it doesn't hurt to try again... smiley
LordGort on 05 21 2011
Hm... I will try to RePlay game with removed named demons from armours & weapons... Then RePlay again when named demons will be in armors & weapons... I hope demons will say anything ...
LordGort on 05 18 2011
Ardea on 05 18 2011
Someone asked me, why didn't I listed the tasks for the named demons, but now I don't know who was it... Maybe he/she could give us a helping hand. smiley
LordGort on 05 17 2011
And last info I found: ''Major demons also have names and levels (1, 2, 3, Max.) and each level gives your Avatar a char dev advantage (each time a demon levels up a small window pops up and you can then chose between two possibilities). Moreover, if you carry major demons in your equipment they may activate additional quests. And finally, the whole thing about the demons is pretty buggy (e.g. be careful when they reach their max. level because they tend to continue levelling - and that may break them). You can encourage the big boys to level up by beating bosses (regular) or elite enemies (rare), better results at higher difficulty settings.''
LordGort on 05 17 2011
More info: ''Special named demons like Behram and others can level, but you’re probably better to use normal ones since the leveling demons can get bugged.''
LordGort on 05 17 2011
I found some info: ''There's two kind of demon stones: lesser demons, who give small bonuses and relatively common, and greater demons, very rare, and which can only be obtained through quests. The later can evolve through side quests they will give to the player, which will grant them new levels and let them give higher bonuses.'' Hm but why demons doesn't give quests after obtaining and talking with them?
LordGort on 05 17 2011
Hm... I will google more about it... :/
Ardea on 05 17 2011
Hm... I've translated the SFEA into Hungarian, and during the process I saw that the named demons should be developed. But when I played, they didn't tell a word about the tasks... smiley
LordGort on 05 17 2011
I have both SF and SFEA original's but translated to Lithuanian language...
Ardea on 05 17 2011
I didn't manage to. smiley But theoretically yes. Do you have original game? I don't so it might be the problem... smiley
LordGort on 05 16 2011
Is there available to lvl up named demon lvl?
LordGort on 05 16 2011
No problem smiley
Ardea on 05 16 2011
Welcome LordGort. Sorry for deleting last time, but I wasn't sure that you aren't an ad-robot...
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26/12/2022 07:57
Merry Christmas and Happy New Year for Everyone! smiley

22/07/2021 06:18
I will renew this page. There will be huge changes in all terms. I don't know when I'll be able to do the upgrade, but I have the base for it already. After that the registration and the download section will be available again.

16/06/2021 07:00
Thanks a lot, LordGort! I thought it will never happen. smiley By the way, I want to upgrade this site, only I haven't got the time for it. But in due time... smiley

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