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Shoutbox Archive
Eiv on 12 22 2010
anyone know where i can grab the english localisation files from? bought my copy in france in some bargain bin. the voices are english, but the text is french >.<
Ardea on 11 21 2010
crusadems: did you try what I told you? Did it work or...?
Ardea on 11 14 2010
I sent you a short answer for now. Let me know what I asked, then we'll see. smiley
crusadems on 11 14 2010
Well. When i run silverfall after 10 sec i got dont send. But silverfall EA works fine. I will send you mine e-mail in private
Ardea on 11 14 2010
What is that "Don't send"? When this message appears? I don't remember if I have a crack for it, but I'll check and send you. Is your e-mail shown here good for this?
crusadems on 11 13 2010
I finally got silverfall. But it shows me "Don't send" Can you send your crack if you're using cracked version. ?
Ardea on 11 13 2010
Here in Hungary this game wasn't even available! So we had to "get it from somewhere". So few people plays this game comparing to bigger RPG-s e.g. Risen or Gothic. That's why... smiley
crusadems on 11 12 2010
I don't understand. It's fun and good game. Why would no one buy? Even on torrent's you have to spend for 2-4 hours to find ATLEAST downable torrent...
Ardea on 11 12 2010
Perhaps. But if you make a series of walkthrough videos, alas, that won't make the distributors sell more SF DVD. Because I'm affraid they're out of stock and noone will produce more DVDs from it. smiley
crusadems on 11 11 2010
Yeah, and im thinking to make "walkthrough" of silverfall. Soon i will get silverfall. Today i showed this game to some friends they liked it. They said they gonna download it. And im thinking. If i will post walkthrough to youtube most people will get interested in this game and will buy/download it smiley
Ardea on 11 11 2010
Yes, because that's an average "top" level that can be reached by playing with the SF basic game. But apparently you could start the game and for that I'm glad. smiley
crusadems on 11 11 2010
I got silverfall EA and funny thing is. I can only create 45 level character lol
Ardea on 11 11 2010
It depends on how much time do you have. smiley If you have a lot, than roam around the maps until no enemies left. Thus you can reach 30th level about Greybay, or a bit later. smiley
crusadems on 11 10 2010
One more question. How long do you need to level up to ummm... for example for 30 lvl?
crusadems on 11 10 2010
Thanks smiley
Ardea on 11 10 2010
Welcome! smiley I sent a reply.
crusadems on 11 09 2010
Hello all I'm new here
Ardea on 10 12 2010
Sorry for the last few days! My patron forgot to renew the site, but it's all right now! smiley And next week you'll get the EARTH AWAKENING WALKTHROUGH! smiley
Ardea on 10 07 2010
If I delete someone with gmail address, and he/she wasn't an "ad robot", then take my apologies and try sign up with a "normal" user name. Thanks. smiley
Ardea on 10 01 2010
I'm at the Dwarves' Land now with the walkthrough-writing so I decided to finish it first, than I will publish the whole description. smiley
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I will renew this page. There will be huge changes in all terms. I don't know when I'll be able to do the upgrade, but I have the base for it already. After that the registration and the download section will be available again.

16/06/2021 07:00
Thanks a lot, LordGort! I thought it will never happen. smiley By the way, I want to upgrade this site, only I haven't got the time for it. But in due time... smiley

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Merry Christmas for Everyone! smiley

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