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Earth Awakening

In the walkthrough for the Silverfall Earth Awakening extension I've made a great effort to give you the more information and to gather the more quests just to help you, if you get stuck somewhere or you're simply curious about the game play.

Please take that into account, from the Companion-type quests only those ones are available for you that are given by the companions you travel with. For example: you can only get Tanya's quests if she's with you at the time you are on the Necroraider Vessel.

The description for the quests of Portiz and Alina was the great work of Kriszta (a Hungarian fan), and she was also the one who helped me to build-up the content of the site with her critical but beneficial comments.

If you discover an annoying mistype or misunderstandable/obscure text or content error in the quest descriptions, please let me know by sending a comment to the "Comments" or to the Forum. (My English is strong but it's far from perfect!!! ;-) ) There are buggy, unsolvable quests (luckily not too many), however if you can find a solution for them you're welcome to write us for everyone's pleasure. :-)

I grouped the walkthrough by places for the sake of clear sight. Therefore somewhere the chronology is a bit "upside down". During the game you have to return to a place, sometimes more than twice. So there will be quests in a place in between more time elapse. These ones will be marked and you'll find the prelude there and with a simple mouse click you'll be able to check on it, and then return.

This description is clearly a spoiler for those who love surprises!

And now let's see the Walkthrough at last! :-)

click to enlarge


High Yaalta
Letloy's farm
Steelight Crypt
Cannibal Jungle
Forgotten Temple
Etherea's Library
Land of the Dwarves (Beach)
The Puddle cave
The Crystal Forest
Land of the Lizard-men
Necroraider Vessel
Nexus - Cave of the Three Arches


Places and Quests

The burden of responsibilities
The Necroraiders delegation
Return to the Steelight's crypt
Former comrades
The altar of invocation
Time travel

High Yaalta
The Yaalta camp
Listening to the little people
Act for the balance
Kidnapping or betrayal?
The evil seed is spreading...
The Silverfall mud

The secret threat made of bolts
Help Mastok the smith
Defend technology
Help technology
Investigate the disappearance of Biwin
Dances with buffaloes
The defences of technology

An old acquaintance
The true face of the professor

Druid for dinner
The runaway couple
The troll in the prairie
Help nature
Find the source
No Pelegrino, no water
Tapix behind his counter
Mushroom picking
A mushroom that filters everything
Business with Letloy
Tiny shoot 1/3
Tiny shoot 2/3
Tiny shoot 3/3
A bothersome contract
In the hands of the pirates

Letloy's Farm
A girl leaves
The defences of nature

Steelight Crypt
The trap
Save the crypt
Cannibal jungle

Cannibal Jungle
Make the masks fall down
Off to help the captive King
Lonely elf seeks arrows
Cannibal party
King for supper
Monkey in the mist
In search of the stolen tablet
Go back and see Inniada Nojes

Forgotten Temple
The great holy serpent
The invasion of Etherea

Lost in the sticks
The surviving mages
The little house in the skies
Searching for clues
Out of pure vengeance
The enchanted library
Out of stock
An alchemist's egg

Etherea's Library
In search of the Holy Guardians
The scattered parchment 1/4
The scattered parchment 2/4
The scattered parchment 3/4
The scattered parchment 4/4
Public speaking
Without the mistakes
The wrath of the air
Pick up the Asman

Land of the Dwarves (Beach)
The oblivion potion
Make a potion out of the paste
To the rescue of the old dwarf
The large crystal and the little key
Help Zarl Lagerfold the weaver
Iris has disappeared
A favour for Buruba
The corruption of Buruba
All is well with Iris
Horror and Abomination
A mysterious spectre
Arena, act 1
Ingredients for the arena
Arena, act 2
Ingredients for the arena
Arena, act 3
Ingredients for the arena
Arena, act 4
Ingredients for the arena
Arena, act 5
Ingredients for the arena
Arena, act 6
Ingredients for the arena
Arena, act 7

The Puddle cave
Some ingredients for the puddle
Mandragora heart
Talk to the Troll Adventurer
Too great a sacrifice
The manifestation of evil

The Crystal Forest
The way to the Nexus

Land of the Lizard-men
The village of the Lizard-men
The end justifies the means
A heart for Ri'an
Vital fluid
Thanks from Ri'an
Hunted hunter
Without mercy
There's a lizard

Necroraider Vessel
The Necroraiders are great hosts...
The space station
Difficult reunions
Rest in pieces
Von Strohouf's children
Von Strohouf's trap

The Nexus
The end of a reign

Nexus - Cave of the Three Arches
The awakening of the Stone spirit
The breath of the Boulder spirit
The fury of the Rock spirit


This is the end of the Earth Awakening extension of this game. For the being I can't write here "to be continued...", because except for the unaccessible parts of the map, there is nothing else that indicates the continuation of the Silverfall game.


Archimage on 02 07 2011
Ardea, I will whrite you one quest that I got from Meher demon, I think you didint got these on walkthough! I just got that quest after I leveled Meher like 20 times. I will post Meher quest on walkthrough forum

I am whrited this message after I leveled to 90 level!
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Thanks smiley

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Ardea, link of "Downloads" of Navigation is broken. Can you fix?

15/06/2017 04:25
OK, Ardea. Thank You for you attention smiley

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BROLY5783: Thanks for the Cheats!!! smiley But I moved your thread to the "Hints&Tips", because it is much better place for it.

14/06/2017 23:40
Good Page of Silverfall. Thank You Very Much. smiley

17/04/2017 05:06
Happy Easter for Everyone! smiley

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