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Shoutbox Archive
X-Elf on 09 26 2011
No worries realy, just put it up when you have time. I have been looking into things like adding weapons, armors, new enchantments and more stuff, no new graphics. I have yet to find anything about max character level or max skill levels so those are most likely hard coded in the game engine(unchangable).
Ardea on 09 26 2011
I'm terribly sorry that the mod isn't uploaded yet, but I had no time. And it's not over yet... All I can promise, I upload it asap. Sorry again...
X-Elf on 09 20 2011
If there are any problems with the mod, just PM me and i will try to fix it. I know that the zombie lord jumps of it's beast and is gone. I didn't think it was that improtant.
Ardea on 09 18 2011
I got X-Elf's Boss Map mod, so I'll upload asap... smiley
Ardea on 09 18 2011
I've sent you a PM about it. Thanks in advance!
X-Elf on 09 16 2011
Good news, the boss map mod is finished. Where should i upload it..? The Boss summoning mod(as a pet) should be finished soon, it is a much simpler mod. I just have to choose a boss, i am not sure who would be the best.
Ardea on 09 06 2011
Easy now, easy. smiley We all have to our job, or lectures. smiley So don't you worry, you finish it when you'll have enough time. I'm busy, too, actually.
X-Elf on 09 05 2011
Sorry people, but i have been way too busy. Havent even had time to start the game, lol, and it is getting worse. The hardest part of the course i am taking is comming up. 2 exams, getting a place where i can practice what i have learned for 12 weeks, and the main assignment which is a huge task(starts this week). I never managed to find the level limit in any of the files i was reading in, i think it is hard coded. If i remember it i will try to finish and upload it this weekend. Again sorry for not beeing able to jump in here before now.
LordGort on 09 04 2011
smiley i think i will start mod for more lvls if its posible XD
Ardea on 09 02 2011
X-Elf is busy, unfortunatelly. I hope he'll have time to finish his mod sooner or later. (Rather later I think...) smiley
LordGort on 08 31 2011
Nothing new about mods?
LordGort on 08 21 2011
Yeah... But still I like this game smiley
Ardea on 08 21 2011
What a pity... smiley
LordGort on 08 21 2011
Iam back... RePlayed game game about 12 times, and named demons still keep quiet smiley((
X-Elf on 08 10 2011
Well, RL came back with a bang, i have no free time to do anything, i wll try to get the mod/mods finished next weeken..
X-Elf on 08 02 2011
I will do as soon as i am finished with the mod/mods.. I am back at the course i am taking so it might take some more time, but i think i will have it/them finished in the weekend, i am still looking into what it would take to make new skills..
Ardea on 07 27 2011
Ah, then I misunderstood it. So you can summon this boss to help you and fight on your side. Wow, that's fun for sure! smiley When you finish this mod, could you send it to me in order to upload it to this site? smiley
X-Elf on 07 26 2011
I have played through the game on very dificult about 3 times lately, and my main character is now level 100. It is fun having a boss as a pet. smiley
Ardea on 07 26 2011
Sound exciting! smiley And did you managed to defeat it in game as well? smiley
X-Elf on 07 25 2011
Well, i just managed to change the Lost Soul summoning to a boss it summones the mechanical boss from SilverfallEA expansion, the first EA boss.
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I will renew this page. There will be huge changes in all terms. I don't know when I'll be able to do the upgrade, but I have the base for it already. After that the registration and the download section will be available again.

16/06/2021 07:00
Thanks a lot, LordGort! I thought it will never happen. smiley By the way, I want to upgrade this site, only I haven't got the time for it. But in due time... smiley

14/06/2021 08:17
Time to break your New Year post streak. smiley

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I wish you a happier and a lot healthier New Year! smiley Take care!

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Happy New Year for All of You! smiley

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Happy Easter for all of you! smiley

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Merry Christmas for Everyone! smiley

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